Thursday, May 23, 2013

Doing Nothing


"What are you doing?"


Really, is there anything called doing nothing? I was of the opinion nothing means "not doing what you are supposed to do", like doing nothing could mean not working at the time of work. But I was wrong.

Nothing actually means doing some activity which reduces your capacity to perform as good as you could before in tasks.

Let me explain, you are working, may be a programmer, and you are fairly good at it. But if you do not improve yourself over time by means of training etc, there is a good chance you will become used to only a particular type of programming and little change or upgrade will make you less efficient in your work. This is feel is doing nothing in your free time.

But doing nothing is the most easy thing to do, you just do things you are comfortable in and keep taking in the money, but sooner or later there will come a point in time when doing nothing will be regretted. As always there are exceptions to the rules, doing nothing is one of the most profitable ways of working for our public sector / Govt. offices.

So, a final advice to the people who are starting their career or stuck in a rut, start something its better than doing nothing.