Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Importance of Updated Technology


I bought a new phone lately...a Samsung Galaxy S3!!

(those who are not envious, mail me...i will send u in detail reasons why should be)

So coming back to the topic, I want to stress the importance of keeping in line with technology. for this let me explain with 3 examples -

a) Toaster:

Now technology for making your bread crusty has been there since ages (def of ages: before I was born), this has not changed much over the years or you could say has been perfected that not many changes are made. So even if you are using your 20 year old toaster (if it works in pristine condition) the quality of toast and mine from a new toaster will not be too far away.

b) Television:

Technology in T.V has been changing a lot, you can see almost a cycle of 7-10 years in T.V making any thing older than that look like prehistoric sets. Its not that the older sets will not work, you will still get channels from the antenna. But the difference in the quality of transmission in 20 year old CRT TV and a new full HD and blah blah blah LED TV will be unmistakable.

c) Mobile Phones:

I guess all of us might remember the first mobile phones when they were launched. Huge bulky thing looking like walky talkies. It might seem ages before but they are hardly 10 years before. Technology for mobile phones is updating it self every 6 months and in a of year your new mobile will feel slow and in a couple it will just be unacceptable.

My point is for a toaster like things you do not need a new one(unless the old one gets conked up), for a thing like T.V u need to update it once a while, while things like mobile phones you need to keep buying away.

This brings to my view you need to buy the best technology available for categories b) and c). And the reason for this is even if the best might be expensive than the one u might buy, it will keep u feeling on top o the world till the next cycle. It becomes 'Neighbor's Envy and Owner's Pride'. A practical reason is that you will be in the top of the replacement cycle, that means you may need to update a bit later consequently get a better product in the next cycle.

Disclaimer: I tried writing this post as much boring as possible. :D

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