Monday, June 4, 2012

Ridiculous Movies

Disclosure: I am a movie fan and can appreciate most kind of movies. 

I watch a movie in theater almost every week and may be few in my laptop or TV. Just to be clear if my boss reads this, I have never watched a movie in office / at work (excluding my time I was stand-by at offshore). My point of this blog is that most of the movies I have seen range from average to downright disgusting. This is not about me being in a mood of serious cinema watch a cheap humour flick and say it’s a bad movie. No. I usually watch a movie with no expectation with just one aim, I have to be entertained. I should be able to laugh / cry / stunned / surprised / shocked anything, but should be entertained by the time the final credits roll. But this simple requirement is not so simple. Most of the movies or I say movie makers loose the plot in the middle of the movie. Most of them start kinda in a fun way but then end as a dampener. Don’t people watch movies before releasing them?? Or is it like we are already spending so much money lets release it and let the poor bastard suffer! Let me give some statistics (a la Aamir Khan) to explain what I mean to say –


It is evident that stupid movie folk have no idea about the movies they make, let keep making it year on year.

Maybe its people like me who are stupid enough to watch a movie every week

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