Saturday, April 28, 2012

The One Ahead


Been long since I have posted. Its not like I have been super busy or anything, but just plain old lazy.I want to share something which has been irritating me lot.

Whenever, you are just walking..

On the street...
In the station...
In the mall...
Just about anywhere..

You will find there is always a person who just stands in the middle and does nothing. May be "stopper" has forgotten something or took the wrong turn or wondering she has kept the light on in her house or something, but she stops right in the middle on the road. A Full Stop! This is ok, if the entire pathway is empty and you can take evasive action without it affecting your rhythm, but I live in Mumbai. It one of the most populous city in the world! You just cannot stand in the middle in a busy pathway and do nothing, it becomes difficult to pass you! As most of us will be aware, we usually do not talk to the people in the pathway except for time or directions. Usually a simple whistle or look or "shhh" would suffice to make our way through the public. But for the stopper is in his own world! No amount of "shh" can budge her, either you have to change your direction or physically touch her to bring her back to reality, and this is not usually the persons you would like to touch, they usually sweaty aunties just blanked off. And I hate it most when there are children who suddenly realise they do not know where they are, you help them out to their parents and in gratitude they say, "Thank you, UNCLE"