Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ridiculous Advertisements


The advertising these days have become so unintelligent and idiotic that makes to throw stuff on the TV (apart from the reality shows, but that is another story)

Esp about the bad adverts which come to my mind is a hair colour advet, which is such a waste of money and time, just look at it

What were the people who thought, approved and gave money to this advert thing!!!!

These days more and more adverts come everywhere, and most of them get are a waste of money...most of them, just involves a hot girl to say something idiotic expect us to buy the thing or try to show random things and relate to your product whether its shampoo or cooking oil. What does an fighting at the border relates to selling cooking oil!!

Well, gotta go another Idea advert coming on... :P


adhirajad said...

You are right a lot of money is wasted on advertising. But any idea where that money comes from?
It comes from you and me and all the customers only. So in the end it is our money that is wasted on advertising.

P1 said...
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P1 said...

wait till you come here .. the tv will throw itself on stuff !!