Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Hi again.

This new post is not about idle time at work, but about the innovative drinking (thinking) done at our place, B 303 (for the uninitiated, our flat no.)

Last night just after the usual session of drinking and merry making we thought to finish some of our leftovers in our fridge (alcohol, what else u expect?)

But before, let me give you a slight background of our refrigerator. Its compressor thinks that world is coming to an end and only was to save it is by freezing everything, irrespective its in freezer or not. So all our stuff gets frozen from black dog to old monk!!

So now back to the main article, we decided that we need some more merry making and raided the refrigerator. What we found was frozen beer and frozen old monk premixed with pepsi (leftovers!!!).

So, in a moment of divine intervention, we decided to mix the two like one mixes the golas you get on the streets. And the result was as divine as the angel who influenced it!!!!!! (don't ask about her)

So here is the recipe, you will need the following stuff which u can get from your
unfriendly neighborhood liquor shop.

1) Can of beer (preferably draught)
2) Any hard liquor which as strong flavour. (Our recommendation : Rum)
3) Our refrigerator or a normal freezer.

Now put all the alcohol in our refrigerator or your freezer and allow it to freeze (Varies from 30 to 300 min.)

Now in a plate, cut open the can from the middle as shown in the picture below.

Now pour or place the frozen rum over the frozen beer and let it mix.

Now after the rum is liquid, pour it in a bowl.

This what u get is B303, you could say one of the best drinks I ever had.

Drink / eat using a spoon, or as I like it directly from the bowl.

I hope you all will like it as much as we did.


My Refrigerator
My Roommates, Kutty & Vaishi.
The UB Group.