Thursday, April 24, 2008



Its been some time since I have written anything. The main and the only reason was I had no idle time......

I was sent to this hellish place to work....called 'Mumbai High'!!

Let me tell you first some facts about Mumbai High

1) Its a premium oil field in our country. It produces about 25% of our country's demand for Oil and about 80% of our country's oil output.

2) Its about 120 nm from Mumbai, in the sea (hence offshore)

Now let me tell you my work in Mumbai High and why I dont like it too much.

I work as an EPC contractor for our client (Mumbai High's owner and operator), so these people think we are the nobody for them!!!

I was my company's representative, so officially I was commanding over 180 persons and 2 vessels. That seems impressive, but when you actually have to deal with all the hugely inflated egos then it always seems that there should be someone you could ask the people to take their problems.

As I said earlier, I was an EPC contractor. And as the company's rep, I also had to take care of all the 'DEMANDS' of our client!!!!

Now these people are highly paid and highly skilled persons.....but their 'DEMANDS' makes them so damn disgusting!!!

Add to that, our base also gives us targets to achieve.....

But, Its not that gloomy..

Not all of our clients are 'DEMANDING', many of them are quite sensible and practical people. Also not all people under you are egoistic, most work very diligently and professionally. And our base is the most supportive when the time comes.

But its those rotten eggs which spoil all the fun working over there.

i will leave you on this note to ponder,

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welcome to the real world !!