Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The best search engine

These days I am having a lot of free time at work. So, I thought why not use it for some useful / interesting work (i.e other than reading forwards and doing gossip in office).

So I am now checking out the articles at the economic times!!! Microsoft is planning to buy Yahoo! for about $44 Billion!!!! Now anything involving huge amounts of money interests me, so I starting reading it a bit further. Some another site gave some statistics (80% statistics are wrong)...

Internet Search Engine Market Share
Google 55%
Yahoo! 30%
Microsoft 10%
Others 5%

Further Google makes about $9.9 billion and Yahoo! only $4.1 billion. So I decided that using my expertise I will check which of the search engines are better.

So I took 3 criteria:

1) No. of posts
2) Advertisements present and their relevance
3) Helpfulness

I searched 3 random things to get a wider idea and gave them points (3 max, 0 min)

Firstly, I searched my name "Sameer Kamra"
In google I got 549 hits, MSN 597 and Yahoo 1240 (Yahoo 3 points, google 1 and MSN 2)
No ads in any of them
Google actually showed my name so it wins, MSN did not even give any one hit which had Sameer Kamra as a person, yahoo gave showed plenty of Sameer Kamras but none was actually me, so it comes second (I saw only the top 10 results in the first page) (Yahoo 2 points, google 3 and MSN 0)

Final score after round 1

(Yahoo 5 points, google 4 and MSN 2)

Secondly, I searched Haig (A new brand of whiskey i discovered)
In google I got 33900 hits, MSN 30200 and Yahoo 92200 (Yahoo 3 points, google 2 and MSN 1)
Again no ads
Here none of the search engines were very good. Google gave a wiki link in the top 3 and some other references. Yahoo was also similar. MSN gave the most irrelevant results
(Yahoo 2 points, google 2 and MSN 1)

Score for Round 2
(Yahoo 5 points, google 4 and MSN 2)

Cumulative score after round 2
(Yahoo 10 points, google 8 and MSN 4)

Third and final search I did was "Mumbai"
Google gave me 44900000 hits, MSN 42400000 and Yahoo 115000000 hits!!!
(Yahoo 3 points, google 2 and MSN 1)
This time all showed ads and all very very relevant like travel, tourist information etc
(Yahoo 3 points, google 3 and MSN 3)
Here all the three engines gave pretty much the same and informative results. But Google and Yahoo also showed some pictures of Mumbai.
(Yahoo 3 points, google 3 and MSN 2)

Round 3 scores (Yahoo 9 points, google 8 and MSN 6)

Cumulative scores (Yahoo 19 points, google 16 and MSN 10)

Looking at the scores Yahoo is the best search engine (Surprise! Surprise! i almost fell off the chair and woke up my colleague from his siesta) followed by Google and MSN sucks (no surprises here)

But Yahoo does not have the cool google functions like "define: ; filetype:", so I conclude that both Yahoo and Google are as good.

Still, as I do not like monopoly (but i love windows vista), I now use Yahoo as my default search engine.

I hope this will make you think!

Namaste for now as my boss is back


ani said...

sam,i haven found spare time at work to do such R&D.. your search is good..keep doing the same and let us know better things.. :))

Deepak Salunke said...

Hi Sam..Good 2 c u blogging!
abt the yahoo bid from microsoft, just to update - Yahoo has rejected MS offer. Refer -

Abt the best search engine thing, There is a criteria that makes a search engine Good. or best for that matter -

Google is way ahead in the competition with the other fellows!

Deepak Salunke said...

working links for above comment -

P1 said...

nice research dude ..

u din keep the response time as one of the criteria !!

Sam said...

@ pavan,

Response time was all in milliseconds and hardly of any practical i did not use it

ashfaque said...

hey sam that was a good work yaar!!!!!tell us more if u find anything more interesting..

Sam said...

check this out for more sad google news

Urvee said...

Hey Sam,

First of all welcome to Blogging world.

Nice research overall. But as far as my views are concerned I still feel Google Search has much more relevant results as far as s/w work is concerned.

AJ said...

Hey Sam

Nice try at research ... But I still feel google out scores everyone else ... considering its has integrated several applications alongwith search engine ... mail , chat , web pages , social networking .. etc etc