Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Hi again.

This new post is not about idle time at work, but about the innovative drinking (thinking) done at our place, B 303 (for the uninitiated, our flat no.)

Last night just after the usual session of drinking and merry making we thought to finish some of our leftovers in our fridge (alcohol, what else u expect?)

But before, let me give you a slight background of our refrigerator. Its compressor thinks that world is coming to an end and only was to save it is by freezing everything, irrespective its in freezer or not. So all our stuff gets frozen from black dog to old monk!!

So now back to the main article, we decided that we need some more merry making and raided the refrigerator. What we found was frozen beer and frozen old monk premixed with pepsi (leftovers!!!).

So, in a moment of divine intervention, we decided to mix the two like one mixes the golas you get on the streets. And the result was as divine as the angel who influenced it!!!!!! (don't ask about her)

So here is the recipe, you will need the following stuff which u can get from your
unfriendly neighborhood liquor shop.

1) Can of beer (preferably draught)
2) Any hard liquor which as strong flavour. (Our recommendation : Rum)
3) Our refrigerator or a normal freezer.

Now put all the alcohol in our refrigerator or your freezer and allow it to freeze (Varies from 30 to 300 min.)

Now in a plate, cut open the can from the middle as shown in the picture below.

Now pour or place the frozen rum over the frozen beer and let it mix.

Now after the rum is liquid, pour it in a bowl.

This what u get is B303, you could say one of the best drinks I ever had.

Drink / eat using a spoon, or as I like it directly from the bowl.

I hope you all will like it as much as we did.


My Refrigerator
My Roommates, Kutty & Vaishi.
The UB Group.

Thursday, April 24, 2008



Its been some time since I have written anything. The main and the only reason was I had no idle time......

I was sent to this hellish place to work....called 'Mumbai High'!!

Let me tell you first some facts about Mumbai High

1) Its a premium oil field in our country. It produces about 25% of our country's demand for Oil and about 80% of our country's oil output.

2) Its about 120 nm from Mumbai, in the sea (hence offshore)

Now let me tell you my work in Mumbai High and why I dont like it too much.

I work as an EPC contractor for our client (Mumbai High's owner and operator), so these people think we are the nobody for them!!!

I was my company's representative, so officially I was commanding over 180 persons and 2 vessels. That seems impressive, but when you actually have to deal with all the hugely inflated egos then it always seems that there should be someone you could ask the people to take their problems.

As I said earlier, I was an EPC contractor. And as the company's rep, I also had to take care of all the 'DEMANDS' of our client!!!!

Now these people are highly paid and highly skilled persons.....but their 'DEMANDS' makes them so damn disgusting!!!

Add to that, our base also gives us targets to achieve.....

But, Its not that gloomy..

Not all of our clients are 'DEMANDING', many of them are quite sensible and practical people. Also not all people under you are egoistic, most work very diligently and professionally. And our base is the most supportive when the time comes.

But its those rotten eggs which spoil all the fun working over there.

i will leave you on this note to ponder,

Thursday, February 28, 2008



Its been a long time since I have added any new posts. The main reason I think is my boss must have read the previous posts, so he bombarded me with lots and lots of work!

Anyways, I was thinking (again while working) why I am working?? (not just this job but any job)

Is it for

a) Joy of working: No way!!!

b) Satisfaction: I do get pretty good satisfaction in doing the work right, but no way, its the reason of working.

c) Colleagues: They are cool and helpful, but you can get friends everywhere...

d) Boredom: It is one nice reason. But the issue is that when ones starts working, one really yearns for a holiday and do nothing...

e) Money: Yeah baby!!!!!!!!!!! I have thought and thought about it. Money is the only thing which makes my world go around these days. And also of all the people I meet.

Anyways I am sleepy now, so i guess this will be it for today...


Saturday, February 16, 2008

Mother of all Oil Companies

Hi, thank you for encouraging me so much. So I am back with sharing my idle time at work.

Iwas just surfing around reading news stories (orkut, gmail all blocked by bloody websense, wiki websense if you dont know what I mean), I am came across an interesting one.

'Exxon Mobil is suing Venezuela for violating its contract and due to that the courts have sealed about $12 billion of Venezuela Oils assets'

That made me thinking how much does these oil companies earn, esp Exxon Mobil. Last heard it was the biggest company in the world. Bigger than Pakistan's GDP also.

Therefore, I decided to see how much do they really earn. Exxon Mobil has a revenue of $440 billion (

This made me curious about its origins (money really gets me excited), with considerable research (wiki wiki wiki) Exxon was formed with the combining of Esso, Enco and Hustle brands in USA.

Digging deeper i found out the Mother of all Oil Companies. To give you an idea, todays Exxon was just one part of it!!!

Established in 1870, Standard Oil as a major company trust and was one of the world's first and largest multinational corporation until it was dissolved by the US Supreme Court in 1911 under the monopolies act. It was dissolved in 34 parts.

Just take a look how did these parts fared, (courtsey wiki again)

  • Standard Oil of New Jersey(SONJ) - or Esso (S.O. or Eastern States, Standard Oil) - renamed Exxon, now part of ExxonMobil. Standard Trust companies Carter Oil, Imperial Oil (Canada), and Standard of Louisiana were kept as part of Standard Oil of New Jersey after the breakup.
  • Standard Oil of New York- merged with Vacuum - renamed Mobil, now part of ExxonMobil
  • Standard Oil of California- or Socal - renamed , became Chevron.
  • Standard Oil of Indiana - renamed Amco (American Oil Co.) - now part of BP.
  • Standard's Atlantic and the independent company Richfield merged to form Atlantic Richfield, now part of BP. Atlantic operations were spun off and bought by
  • Standard Oil of Kentucky - was acquired by Chevron.
  • Continental Oil company - or Conoco now part of ConocoPhillips
  • Standard Oil of New Jersey - now part of BP.
  • The Ohio Oil Company - more commonly referred to as "The Ohio", and marketed gasoline under the Marathon name. The company is now known as Marathon Oil Company and was often a rival with the in-state Standard spinoff, Sohio.

Other Standard Oil spin-offs:

  • Standard Oil of Iowa- pre-1911 - became Standard Oil of California.
  • Standard Oil of Minnesota - pre-1911 - bought by Standard Oil of Indiana.
  • Standard Oil of Illinois - pre-1911 - bought by Standard Oil of Indiana.
  • Standard Oil of Kansas - refining only, eventually bought by Indiana Standard.
  • Standard Oil of Missouri - pre-1911 - dissolved.
  • Standard Oil of Louisiana- always owned by Standard Oil of New Jersey (now ExxonMobil).
  • Standard Oil of Brazil - always owned by Standard Oil of New Jersey (now ExxonMobil).

Other companies divested in the 1911 breakup:

  • Anglo-American Oil Co. - acquired by Jersey Standard in 1930, now Esso UK.
  • Buckeye Pipeline Co.
  • Borne-Scrymser Co. (chemicals)
  • Chesebrough Manufacturing
  • Colonial Oil.
  • Crescent Pipeline Co.
  • Cumberland Pipe Line Co.
  • Eureka Pipe Line Co.
  • Galena-Signal Oil Co.
  • Indiana Pipe Line Co.
  • National Transit Co.
  • New York Transit Co.
  • Northern Pipe Line Co.
  • Prairie Oil & Gas.
  • Solar Refining.
  • Southern Pipe Line Co.
  • South Penn Oil Co. - eventually became Pennezol, now part of Shell.
  • Southwest Pennsylvania Pipe Line Co.
  • Swan and Finch.
  • Union Tank Lines.
  • Washington Oil Co.
  • Waters-Pierce.
Thats wow!!!! And guess who was the owner of Standard Oil, John D Rockefeller!!! He was the first US dollar Billion dollar man. And supposed to be the richest man ever!!!!!

Enough Gyan for today.


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The best search engine

These days I am having a lot of free time at work. So, I thought why not use it for some useful / interesting work (i.e other than reading forwards and doing gossip in office).

So I am now checking out the articles at the economic times!!! Microsoft is planning to buy Yahoo! for about $44 Billion!!!! Now anything involving huge amounts of money interests me, so I starting reading it a bit further. Some another site gave some statistics (80% statistics are wrong)...

Internet Search Engine Market Share
Google 55%
Yahoo! 30%
Microsoft 10%
Others 5%

Further Google makes about $9.9 billion and Yahoo! only $4.1 billion. So I decided that using my expertise I will check which of the search engines are better.

So I took 3 criteria:

1) No. of posts
2) Advertisements present and their relevance
3) Helpfulness

I searched 3 random things to get a wider idea and gave them points (3 max, 0 min)

Firstly, I searched my name "Sameer Kamra"
In google I got 549 hits, MSN 597 and Yahoo 1240 (Yahoo 3 points, google 1 and MSN 2)
No ads in any of them
Google actually showed my name so it wins, MSN did not even give any one hit which had Sameer Kamra as a person, yahoo gave showed plenty of Sameer Kamras but none was actually me, so it comes second (I saw only the top 10 results in the first page) (Yahoo 2 points, google 3 and MSN 0)

Final score after round 1

(Yahoo 5 points, google 4 and MSN 2)

Secondly, I searched Haig (A new brand of whiskey i discovered)
In google I got 33900 hits, MSN 30200 and Yahoo 92200 (Yahoo 3 points, google 2 and MSN 1)
Again no ads
Here none of the search engines were very good. Google gave a wiki link in the top 3 and some other references. Yahoo was also similar. MSN gave the most irrelevant results
(Yahoo 2 points, google 2 and MSN 1)

Score for Round 2
(Yahoo 5 points, google 4 and MSN 2)

Cumulative score after round 2
(Yahoo 10 points, google 8 and MSN 4)

Third and final search I did was "Mumbai"
Google gave me 44900000 hits, MSN 42400000 and Yahoo 115000000 hits!!!
(Yahoo 3 points, google 2 and MSN 1)
This time all showed ads and all very very relevant like travel, tourist information etc
(Yahoo 3 points, google 3 and MSN 3)
Here all the three engines gave pretty much the same and informative results. But Google and Yahoo also showed some pictures of Mumbai.
(Yahoo 3 points, google 3 and MSN 2)

Round 3 scores (Yahoo 9 points, google 8 and MSN 6)

Cumulative scores (Yahoo 19 points, google 16 and MSN 10)

Looking at the scores Yahoo is the best search engine (Surprise! Surprise! i almost fell off the chair and woke up my colleague from his siesta) followed by Google and MSN sucks (no surprises here)

But Yahoo does not have the cool google functions like "define: ; filetype:", so I conclude that both Yahoo and Google are as good.

Still, as I do not like monopoly (but i love windows vista), I now use Yahoo as my default search engine.

I hope this will make you think!

Namaste for now as my boss is back